Bedroom colour ideas

Colour schemes are combinations of colour that work well together and balance out a space. Understanding how these colour combinations work can help you create different moods for your bedroom.


Here are a few examples of some popular colour schemes to help you get started.

white bedroom

White and neutrals

The clean look of a white and neutral colour scheme can help open up the space in your bedroom. Adding warm neutral hues can make the space feel more inviting, while cool neutrals can add layers and depth inside your home.

blue bedroom

Greens and blues

Sitting next to each other on the colour wheel, green and blue work together to create a harmonious scheme. Both naturally calming and relaxing colours, this palette can help turn your bedroom into a space that is perfect for rest and rejuvenation.

grey bedroom

Browns and greys

Brown and grey are both neutral colours, so they naturally pair together in a room. Grey is a versatile colour that adds a soft and serene touch while earthy brown tones can bring a sense of cosiness and warmth to the room.

kids colourful bedroom

A pop of colour

A feature wall is a great way to add a bit of colour and personality to the room. When choosing your wall, consider your space as a whole to find the best focal point. Avoid choosing a wall with windows that give the room it’s natural light, as these two focal points may clash.

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What you will need

ultraair paint job

Time to paint

1. Paint selection

Choose a colour and product for your nursery walls or feature wall.

2. Preparation

Prep your walls, lay down a drop sheet and tape any edges. Always read the product label to confirm steps.

3. Cutting in

Begin by cutting in around the wall edges. Be sure not to move too far ahead so that it maintains a wet edge.

4. Painting your walls

Load your roller and apply by rolling it in a ‘W’ motion on the wall. Cross over the same section and continue along the wall until it is evenly covered.

5. Laying-off

For a smooth finish, lay-off your wall with an unloaded roller and roll it from top to bottom of the wall in a straight line. Then slightly go over the same spot and repeat across the wall to remove any streaks.

6. Reload and repeat

Reload your roller and repeat steps 3 and 4 until all walls are complete. Then allow the first coat to dry and repeat the total process again with a second coat.

kids shelves

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