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Dulux Colour Atlas Revit® Add-in

The Dulux Colour Atlas Add-In for Revit® provides access to over 5,000 Dulux Colours including Decorative, Powder Coatings, Protective Coatings and Intergrain products without leaving Revit®. Using the Add-In, surfaces in Revit® can be 'painted', automatically generating data to populate specification schedules. Automating this process makes painting in Revit® faster, eliminates manual data entry and reduces errors. Version 3.0 has undergone a full overhaul making for superior functionality, lightweight download and an increased range of Dulux products.

Available for Revit® 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.


DuSpec Paint Specifications Revit® Add-in

The Dulux DuSpec® Add-In for Revit® makes the process of creating detailed paint specifications within a BIM workflow faster than ever before. Using the DuSpec® Add-In, specifiers can interrogate and data-mine their Revit® project materials and apply DuSpec® paint specifications to Revit® Elements. These specifications can be scheduled and exported as both PDFs and Excel datasheets directly from the Add-In, or pushed natively back into Revit® schedules.

Available for Revit® 2015, 2016, 2017 + 2018.

Graphisoft® ArchiCAD® Library Container File

Dulux Library Container File

Together with Graphisoft® Australia, we now provide clients with a Dulux Library Container file (.LCF), containing over 4,800 Dulux colours to use in ArchiCAD®. The Dulux Colour Atlas can be loaded from this file direct to ArchiCAD® element and object surfaces in the ArchiCAD® 2D & 3D window using the Surface Painter feature in ArchiCAD®. Once linked, the file can be searched and specific colours selected, without embedding every colour in the project file.


Colour Group Downloads

If you’re looking to download the Dulux Colour ranges, simply download a Dulux Colour Group file. Each Revit® and ArchiCAD® colour group file includes all relevant material colour and specification information for that range.

To download ArchiCAD® colour groups right click on any of the Download for ArchiCAD® links below and select 'Save link as...'. Once the attribute file (XML) has been saved it can be imported via the Attribute Manager function in ArchiCAD®.

Individual Colour Downloads

If you need immediate access to a particular colour, download the required Dulux Colour files. Each Dulux Colour Revit® family and ArchiCAD® attribute file (XML) includes all of the relevant material colour and specification information. Search colours in the online atlas and select the Revit® colour or ArchiCAD® colour link to download.  ArchiCAD® Colours are imported via the Attribute Manager function in ArchiCAD®


Video Guides

To better understand how to download a single colour, group of colours, or the entire Dulux Atlas catalogue, watch these short tutorials to give you step by step instructions.

Dulux Colour Atlas for Revit®

DuSpec Add-In for Revit®

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