Ferreko No. 3 is a two-pack epoxy containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide, offering outstanding durability and abrasion resistance even in aggressive coastal and industrial environments. Ferreko No. 3 resists UV exposure and moisture penetration.


  • Suitable in the most harsh environments
  • Low metallic lustre
  • Highly resistant to UV and weathering
  • Suitable for immersion


  • Outstanding durability and abrasion resistance
  • APAS approved for long life finish
  • Can be used as an intermediate or Topcoat

Product code: 747


Heavy duty micaceous iron oxide Intermediate and topcoat for protection . Typically used on: bridges and infrastructure, hoppers, conveyors, tank exteriors, ship loaders.

Surface preparation

Round off all rough welds and sharp edges, and remove weld spatter. Degrease by detergent wash according to AS1627.1. For all structural and decorative steel, abrasive blast clean to AS1627.4 Class 2.5. Remove all dust.

Product downloads

Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Steel (mild)
Steelwork, Decorative steelwork, Roof, Curtain wall, Column, Awning, Steelwork
Interior or Exterior
New or Repaint
New, Repaint
Application Method
Airless, Conventional Spray
Will yellow with time and chalk on exterior exposure, although the MIO pigment reduces chalking. Neither yellowing nor chalking detracts from protective properties of the coating. Use a weatherable pigmented topcoat if appearance is important.
Heat Resistance
Up to 150°C dry heat.
Water Resistance
Natural Grey is suitable for immersion in fresh and salt water. Mid Grey is not suitable, refer to the product data sheet.
Abrasion Resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance when fully cured.
Solvent Resistance
Unaffected by immersion in petroleum solvents, gasoline, diesel fuel and lubricating oils.
Acid Resistance
Natural Grey is suitable for splash and spillage exposure to weak solutions of inorganic and organic acids. Mid Grey is not suitable, refer to the product data sheet
Alkaline Resistance
Natural Grey has excellent resistance to splash and spillage of most common alkalis. Mid Grey NOT suitable, refer to the product data sheet
Salt Resistance
Natural Grey withstands immersion in strong alkali, neutral and mild acid salt solutions. Mid Grey NOT suitable, refer to the product data sheet


Mild steel (New): Abrasive blast AS1627.4 Class 2.5. Typical system: 1 x Zincanode 402 @ 75 microns + 2 x Ferreko No 3 @ 100 microns