Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating

Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating is a heavy duty coating, providing long term surface protection against graffiti. It is specifically formulated to be applied to a variety of bare and painted surfaces. Aerosol paints can be simply removed with high pressure water.
Use Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating to protect the appearance of your home against graffiti.

How to protect your paint job with Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating


Follow these steps on how to protect your paint job with Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating.

Step 1. Surface Preparation

For surfaces in good condition, brush it down to remove all dust, grease, oil and spider webs, then clean with Selleys® Original Sugar Soap and rinse thoroughly. Wait for the surface to completely dry.

Step 2. Application

Place a drop sheet to protect the ground from spills. Put on safety glasses and gloves. Poor contents pour the coating into a clean container and reseal the cap on the can. Make sure you use within an hour of pouring.

Cut in, where required, around the edges with a brush hen use the roller or paint sprayer to fill between the borders while wet.

Wait 1-hour until touch dry before applying a second coat. The surface will be graffiti-resistant in 12-hours; and will be fully cured in 24-hours.

Surface preparation TIP:

For surfaces that are cracked and peeling – remove the paint completely, then clean with Selleys® Sugar Soap and rinse thoroughly. Wait for the surface to completely dry.

Note: Review if you require Dulux Precision® Anti Graffiti Primer. If the surface is glossy, tiled, metal, Colorbond, glass or powdercoated, the Primer will need to be applied. Wait 1-hour until the touch dry before proceeding to the next step. Applying the coating directly to bare or unpainted surfaces will be permanent, so where you may wish to remove the coating at a later stage, you will need to apply a clear coating (Such as Berger Jet Dry Natural Stone & Paving Sealer).

Step 3. Clean up

Clean equipment with mineral turpentine. Dispose of the roller and brushes after application. Used brushes and rollers cannot be recovered after using this paint system. Check with your local council about responsible paint disposal.

Step 4. Graffiti removal

If your surface has been affected by graffiti, use a high-pressure water hose, using a fan spray only (900-1450psi) to remove aerosol paints from a distance of 15-30cm. A distance less than this may cause abrasion.

Stubborn marks

Any stubborn marks that may remain after washing, such as permanent markers, can be removed with Selleys® Muck Off and followed by the same high-pressure water wash.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I tint Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating?

    No. Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti cannot be tinted, it is a clear gloss coating.

  • Can I get Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Coating in a Satin, Low Sheen or Matt variant?

    No. Only available in Gloss.

  • Do I need to prepare the surface?

    The surface must be absolutely dry and free from contaminants including grease, oil, dirt and other loosely bound or coloured materials. To prepare, wash with Selleys® Original Sugar Soap and scrub thoroughly to remove all surface residue then wash very well to remove all traces of surface contaminants and Selleys® Original Sugar Soap. Allow to dry completely.
    If your surface is glossy, metal, glass or powder coated you will need to apply Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti Wash Primer. This is available in a 1 litre size only.

  • How many coats do I apply?

    2 coats are required on all surfaces. For very rough and textured surfaces a third coat may be required. Be sure to coat the entire surface. The coating needs to get into ALL small pits and holes in the surface. If it is missing from any areas it cannot provide full protection. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you obtain full coverage on highly textured surfaces.

  • What is the dry time between coats?

    Allow 6o minutes for coating to dry between coats. Avoid touching within the 60 minutes.

  • How do I wash out my brush and rollers?

    Due to the nature of the coating, rollers and brushes cannot be cleaned so it is necessary to dispose of roller sleeves and brushes after application. Between coats wrap Brushes and Rollers in Aluminium foil well enough to stop air getting to the coating. Cover roller trays or containers with Aluminium Foil and seal well. Clean all equipment with mineral turps (other than brushes and rollers).

  • After painting, how long until the surface is fully graffiti resistant?

    Allow 12 hours before surface is fully graffiti resistant.

  • How do I clean off graffiti?

    Use a high pressure water wash (900–1450psi) to remove aerosol paints.
    Using a fan spray ONLY from a distance of 150–300mm.

  • What if there is still a mark on the surface after washing with water?

    Stubborn black / dark stains that remain after washing, such as permanent markers, can be removed by first spraying with Selleys® Muck Off and then high pressure water wash.

  • Why can't I paint over Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti?

    Dulux PRECISION Anti Graffiti has been developed to resist ALL Paint and Marker products. Paints that are applied to the surface can be easily removed. Therefore you cannot paint over Dulux PRECISION Anti graffiti with anything other than itself.