A whole new Rewards experience. Choose from hundreds of products and experiences, from vouchers to dream holidays and anything in-between.

With Dulux Rewards you can receive exclusive online promotions and earn points from every dollar spent in a Dulux Trade Outlet.

View and redeem your points online 24/7 with a huge and ever changing range of Rewards.

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Features of the program

  • An extensive and ever changing range of Rewards, including the latest in technology, home entertainment, travel, events, experience, gift cards and more!
  • Online redemptions including Wishlist and Points plus Pay.
  • The ability to track your Points and redemptions online 24/7.
  • Dulux rewards is a program that rewards our loyal customers for their purchases of paint and accessories from Dulux Trade Outlets. Points are awarded for every dollar spent.

Not a member? It's easy to Reward yourself!

Simply complete the form below, accept the terms and conditions and press submit. We'll send you out a welcome kit once you've been registered. There's an annual administration fee of $25 (ex GST).

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