Whether you are painting a Passenger car or Commercial vehicle Dulux Auto Refinish provides access to a range of high quality products. The products have been designed specifically for each vehicle type and our experienced Team can provide complete solutions for your painting requirements.
Dulux Autospeed® is a high quality 2K System that comprises an extensive range of tinters allowing both modern and vintage colours to be matched, together with Clearcoats and Primers designed and tested for Australian conditions. Dulux FleetShield™ is a complete painting solution designed for the painting of Commercial vehicles from Cab and trailer combinations through to Coaches and Emergency vehicles. Dulux Autosolv® is an acrylic lacquer system of colour that can be polished to a brilliant finish. Dulux Autosolv®  is ideally suited for filling into Aerosol cans that can be used for the touching up of Powdercoated surfaces.

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Dulux Australia provides safety data sheets on all its products to ensure all products are used in accordance to the safety guideline and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

To find out more, see the product Safety Data Sheets.

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Dulux Australia provides technical data sheets on all its products to enable the end user the knowledge of how to utilise the product effectively.

Colour Formulae

The Dulux Refinish formulae can be found on the Dulux Auto Refinish website.

AutoSpeed™ Range

For more information, see the AutoSpeed™ Range.

AutoSolv™ Range

For more information, see the AutoSolv™ Range.

Fleetshield™ Range

For more information, see the Fleetshield™ Range.

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Dulux Auto Refinish takes pride in maintaining a reputation of strong customer support focus. This is achieved by an ongoing commitment to our customers.

Should you have any questions on the Dulux Auto Refinish product range, we can can be contacted through the following method.

For technical enquiries please contact:

Chris Lee 0466 772 792


For commercial enquiries please contact:


QLD Adam Reynolds 0447 041 425
NSW Paul Kilshaw
0434 071 961
VIC Michael Louey
0434 366 032
SA Graham Lockie
0402 968 617
WA Tony Gava
0478 408 402