Duremax GFX is a high solids, high build glass flake reinforced epoxy that has been developed to deliver long term corrosion resistance. Ideally suited to protecting new steelwork from atmospheric and marine corrosion including coastal and off-shore structures, above and below the waterline.


  • High glass flake content
  • Excellent barrier for immersion or splash zone
  • High solids and high build formulation


  • Self priming finish
  • Good abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Can be top coated with a wide range of coating types

Product code: 775H0094


Heavy duty barrier coat for protection against corrosion and chemical attack. Typically used on: bridges and infrastructure, chemical plants, mining, offshore structures, ports, saltwater immersion, water and waste treatment.

Surface preparation

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Steel, Galvanised steel, Concrete, Aluminum
Structural steel, Column
Interior or Exterior
New or Repaint
New, Repaint
Application Method
Airless Spray, Conventional Spray
Epoxy coatings may yellow with time. On exterior exposure some chalking may also occur. This will not detract from the protective properties of the coating. Use a weatherable topcoat if required for appearance.
Heat Resistance
Up to 120°C dry heat
Water Resistance
Excellent resistance to immersion in fresh and salt water.
Abrasion Resistance
Good when fully cured
Solvent Resistance
Resists splash and spillage of most hydrocarbon solvents, refined petroleum products and most common alcohols.
Acid Resistance
Suitable for splash and spillage of mild acids.
Alkaline Resistance
Suitable for splash and spillage of strong alkalis.
Salt Resistance
Excellent resistance to neutral and alkali salts.


Steel (maintenance)Exterior : Power tool clean AS1627.2 St 3 or Abrasive blast AS1627.4 Class 1 Typical system: 1 x Duremax GFX @ 250 microns + 1 x Duremax GFX @ 250 microns.