Duralloy are a range of subtle, neutral solid colours including the Colorbond® steel standard colour range, delivered with warranty grade advanced durable polyester thermosetting powder. Selected colours available with RapidCure™ Technology.

It is ideal for use:

  • On pre-treated architectural grade aluminium
  • On mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black steel and blue steel
  • In mild exterior conditions
  • In general interior conditions
  • In environments greater than 100m from the high tide mark


  • Durable polyester thermosetting powder coating
  • Alumi Shield™ warranty: 10 Year Aluminium Durability warranty and 10 Year Aluminium Colour warranty
  • Steel Shield™ warranty: Up to 10 Year Steel Corrosion warranty and 10 Year Steel Colour warranty
  • Extensive range of solid colours and gloss levels
  • Includes Colorbond® steel standard colour range
  • Selected colours available with RapidCure™ Technology


  • Guaranteed performance on appropriately pre-treated aluminium and steel*
  • Good colour retention
  • Durable hard wearing finish
  • RapidCure™ Technology enables a possible reduction in energy consumption through lower oven temperatures and or faster line speeds.
  • * Only Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters are able to issue our Dulux Alumi Shield and Steel Shield warranties after demonstrating their capability to meet stringent quality conditions and international standards.

Product code: 260


Developed primarily for use on extruded aluminium, including window and door joinery, and extruded aluminium panel work on class 1 & 10 residential buildings under the Australian Building Code. Duralloy is also suitable for use over a variety of substrates, including mild steel and aluminium.

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be prepared according to appropriate standards such as AAMA 2603, AS/NZS4506 or AS3715 (available from Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand offices).

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Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Steel (mild), Zincalume, Non ferrous metals, Aluminium
Powder Coating
Duralloy Powdercoat Range
Interior or Exterior
Interior, Exterior
Film Build
Minimum 50 microns, Maximum 110 microns
Application Method
Electrostatic Spray

Performance Guide

Green Star
Dulux ® Powder Coatings are a prime consideration for projects where air quality standards have been set, such as 4, 5 & 6 Green Star Rating Projects.
VOC Level
Virtually zero (please consult Dulux for details)
Very good resistance to weathering.
Salt Resistance
Excellent salt spray resistance over pre-treated aluminium. (1500 hours ASTM B117)

Cure Schedule

Metal Temperature
200° : 2 mins minimum
180° : 5 mins minimum
160° : 10 mins minimum


How to Specify Aluminium
Example of Architectural Aluminium Specification Dulux Duralloy® With Rapidcure Technology Dune Satin 2723087S to meet AAMA 2603. Product must be applied by a Dulux Registered Aluminium Applicator and must offer a 10 year durability warranty.

How to Specify Steel
Example – Powder Coating of (Components to be coated) (Atmospheric Classification) (Substrate) with (Dulux Duralloy® With Rapidcure Technology Dune Satin 2723087S) to meet AS4506. Compliance to this standard must be demonstrated through provision of a certificate from the coating applicator outlining the relevant, “atmospheric classification, substrate and method of chemical or mechanical surface preparation”.

Care and Maintenance

Refer to AAMA 609 and 610

As a general rule, cleaning of externally located powder coating surfaces must take place every six months. Where salts/pollutants are more prevalent such as seaside, industrial and geothermal areas, a cleaning program should be carried out more frequently.


  1. Remove loose deposits with a wet sponge (avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting).
  2. Using a soft clean cloth and a mild detergent in warm water, clean the powder coating to remove dust, salt or other deposits.
  3. Always rinse after cleaning with fresh water to remove any remaining detergent.


In some cases, strong solvents recommended for thinning various types of paints and also for cleaning up mastics/sealants are harmful to the extended life of the powder coated surface. These solvents should not be used for cleaning purposes and will render the warranty void if used. If paint splashes or sealants/mastics need to be removed then the following solvents can be used safely: Methylated Spirits, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropanol.

Warranty Information

Warranty* performance on alumnium:

  • 10 year durability warranty
  • 10 year chalk and colour fade warranty

On pre-treated architectural aluminium when applied by a Dulux Registered Applicators

Warranty* performance on steel:

  • Up to 10 years durability warranty
  • 10 year chalk and colour fade warranty

As part of the steel shield warranty system when applied by a Dulux Registered Applicators