Aeromaster is a fast dry, water based flat line marking paint with fast no-pick-up time and built in self chalking characteristics. Aeromaster is formulated specially for the marking of airport runways, terminals, aprons etc. It can be applied to concrete and asphalt surfaces.


  • Low odour
  • Fast ' No Pick Up' time
  • Flat finish proves non slip film


  • Self chalking characteristics

Product code: 07528171


Line marking paint. Typically used on: airport runways, carparks, factory floors and multistorey carparks.

Surface preparation

Aeromaster is designed for application to dry asphalt and concrete road and car park surfaces that are clean and free of oil and grease contamination.

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Concrete, Asphalt
Protective Coatings
Floor, Runway
Interior or Exterior
New or Repaint
New, Repaint
Application Method
Brush, Roller, Conventional and Airless Spray
Good resistance to cracking and flaking on asphalt and concrete. Self chalking to avoid build up.
Heat Resistance
Up to 70°C dry heat.
Water Resistance
Resists rain and condensation. Not recommended for permanently damp or immersed exposure.
Abrasion Resistance
Will wear gradually over a period of 12 months.
Solvent Resistance
Limited splash resistance to aviation fuel.
Acid Resistance
Not recommended where splash and spillage may occur.
Alkaline Resistance
Not recommended where splash or spillage may occur.
Salt Resistance
Unaffected by splash and spillage of neutral salt solutions


Concrete: Ensure surface is clean and dry. Typical system: 1 x Aeromaster @ 28 microns.