Poor gloss retention is the deterioration of paint film that results in excessive, or rapid loss of lustre in the topcoat.

poor gloss retention

Possible Cause

This can occur when interior or inferior quality paint is used outdoors. It can also occur when solvent-based paints are used in areas of direct sunlight.



Ensure the correct specified primer coating has been applied, to achieve equal substrate porosity and follow with the suitable top coat at the recommended film build.

Use quality synthetic roller sleeves (5mm nap for gloss & semi gloss and 12mm nap for low sheen and flat finish).



Ensure the correct specified primer has been applied to achieve equal substrate porosity. Use high quality paint as lower quality paints will generally lose gloss much earlier than better quality paints. The binder in top quality acrylic latex paint is more resistant to UV radiation.

The uses of a water based acrylic latex topcoat provide superior exterior durability and gloss retention in comparison oil based alkyd enamels. Dulux Weathershield is recommended.

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