Which wall should be the feature wall?

A feature wall, or accent wall, is all about making a statement, so consider your space as a whole and select an area that will have the biggest impact. Are you looking to draw out a feature in the room such as a bookcase or looking to define different zones?

Typically it’s best to choose an area you want to draw attention to such as an alcove or fireplace, and use this accent colour or texture to better define the space. Avoid choosing a wall with windows that gives the room it’s natural light as these two focal points may clash.

A bold, block colour is a great statement to make when creating a feature wall and so too is experimenting with texture to bring more personality to your space. Before you commit, be sure to try out some Dulux Colour Samples first. They can be easily moved around and is one of the best ways to visualise colour in your room.

Block Colour

A bright, bold hue is one of the simplest ways to brighten up and enhance any living space, so embrace electric blues or rich reds to really make your accent wall be your room’s most vibrant feature. Try choosing a shade that complements the other colours found in your space - whether that’s a piece of art, a rug or statement piece of furniture seen in this room using the velvet couch as colour inspiration.

Two Tone

Two tone walls are a great way to make a room appear bigger if you're struggling with space. A monochromatic colour scheme is always a safe bet using shades of the same hue, whilst complementary colours can create a dynamic contrast. Be sure to choose your colour combinations with the help of our colour wheel to find the best pairing for your space.


The raw, industrial-inspired effect of polished concrete and sleek brushed metal can give your space a contemporary urban aesthetic. These textures also pair beautifully with raw materials such as timber floorboards and leather couches in the home. To bring a refined modern aesthetic to your space, try Onyx Edge; a dark, moody grey or go for the gleaming Tempered Bronze for a more luxe touch.


Adding the appearance of texture to your interior walls brings considered sophistication to any room. The matte earthy look of natural stone provides a tonal architectural element to inside spaces, whilst the opulent texture of Macchiato Malt Design Effects Suede offers a plush velvety feel perfect for more formal areas of the home.

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What you'll need

Time to paint


Choose the wall that you would like to feature.


Select your finish and colour from the Dulux range.


When trying a new colour or effect, always test the application on a large board to confirm the look you're after.


Before you start painting, you’ll need to prep the wall first by following our interior wall preparation guide.


Follow our how-to guides to get started. Always check the directions on the tin and follow the step-by-step guide to achieving the look you are after.

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Still unsure of what feature wall style is best suited in your home? Order a colour sample first to be sure you’ve picked the right feature wall colour for your space.

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