Now you can take a trip to Tuscany without leaving your backyard.


  1. To replicate that authentic Tuscan look you will need a wide brush, a medium nap roller, quality masking tape and a drop sheet.
  2. Clean your surface thoroughly with Selleys® Original Sugar Soap or follow the instructions on the label.
  3. Mask off your trim with tape, and then cut-in to any doors, lights or corners using a suitably sized brush.

    Don’t paint too far ahead or your paint will dry before your roller has a chance to blend with it.

  4. Now you can apply your first coat with a roller. For best results, make sure your roller is evenly loaded with paint.
  5. After 4 hours you should be ready to apply your second coat. If you’re after a smooth effect just apply your second coat in the same way as your first.
  6. If however you’re going for a ‘washed’ look it’s easier to get a friend involved to achieve this finish. While one person applies the texture with a roller; the other person brushes over this coat in random crisscross movements.

    Work in 1 metre sections and overlap your crisscross strokes to maintain an even texture.

  7. With just a little water to wash up, you’ve created a Tuscan experience and brought Italy to you.

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