Dulux Texture Medium Cover is an acrylic texture which creates a coloured mottled appearance over brickwork, diffusing but not completely hiding the brick pattern. This flexible formula means you can get creative with a range of possible textures and effects.

What you’ll need

- Dulux Texture Primer™
- Dulux Texture Medium Cover™ in your chosen Dulux colour
- Paint tray
- Flat paddle paint stirrer
- Drop sheet
- Wide paintbrush
- 22mm Nap Roller
- Lambswool hand mitt applicator


1. Select your Dulux colour. The Dulux Texture products are available in a wide range of colours, so don’t be afraid to be bold - it is a feature wall after all!

2. Mask off any areas that need protection such as roofs, adjoining walls and floors. Lay down a drop sheet for added protection to your floors.

3. Thoroughly clean the wall and make sure the surface is smooth and even. A broom is a great way to quickly free stubborn dust and grit from your walls. Fill any holes or blemishes in the walls using Selleys Mortar Works.

4. Prepare the surface for a long-lasting Texture effect. Stir Dulux Texture Primer thoroughly. Apply first with a brush in hard to reach places, then complete the coat of Dulux Texture Primer on the remaining area with a roller.

TIP: Lightly feather your brushwork into the wall to make blending with your roller easier.

5. Wait at least 4 hours for the first coat to dry, this may vary depending on the weather conditions. Then, stir the contents of Dulux Texture Medium Cover in an up and down scooping motion.

TIP: Always test your colour on a board first before committing to your wall.

6. Use a brush to apply the product in smaller or difficult to reach areas. Now, using your hand mitt, scoop Dulux Texture Medium Cover from the bucket and apply onto the wall. Work the material into all of the gaps using a circular motion and broadly apply all over the wall in random sweeping patterns.

7. Allow the surface to dry for at least 4 hours. Apply a second coat to the wall by repeating the process.

TIP: When cutting in on a rough surface, you can use a bit more pressure than you normally would with regular paint.

8. For a medium render look, squeeze excess material from the mitt applicator and finish in random sweeping strokes. This will leave a distressed bagging texture pattern.

9. Now you’ve completed the feature wall, you’re ready to style up the space and begin entertaining family and friends.

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