Give your home the wow factor you deserve with a professional rendered finish.


  1. For this job you will need a wide application roller tray, external grade tape, a bucket and sponge, a blocking stone or stiff brush, a brush for cutting-in and of course a drop sheet.
  2. A broom is a great way to quickly free stubborn dust and grit from your walls before cleaning with Selleys® Original Sugar Soap.
  3. As always, mask of any areas that need protecting such as light fittings, adjoining walls and floors.
  4. Begin by applying one coat of Dulux Exterior Texture Primer to condition the surface and help your topcoat adhering.
  5. Use a brush to cut into edges of your wall or any section that your roller will find difficult to reach.

    TIP: Lightly feather your brushwork into the wall to make blending with your roller easier.

  6. You will need a Full Cover Texture Roller to apply Dulux Texture Full Cover Roll On. These rollers have been designed to hold and spread more material, therefore a regular roller just won’t do. Using your roller, apply the product in vertical motions, working from the ground upwards.
  7. Working from the ground up, hold the float against the surface so the leading edge is raised and angled at about 45°. Push the material across the surface to fill the joints and any low spots. Distribute broadly and always level the texture before it sets.
  8. Now you can float the levelled area with larger, lighter strokes to further fill and even out your texture.
  9. After a few moments, clean the float and lightly finish your render in circular motions. Clean your float immediately with a damp sponge.

    TIP: It’s important to keep a wet edge as you move across the wall to prevent the texture from setting before you’ve finished with the float.

  10. It’s recommended you use a minimum of two coats and potentially further coats if your wall has deeper joints or a rougher surface.

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