Exterior painting guides

Use our range of exterior painting guides to give you the tips and techniques you need for that quality finish.

how to paint brick

A fresh coat of paint can have an incredible effect on the feel of your home. Using Dulux Weathershield will reviatlise your home brickwork exterior and provide a lasting look designed for Australian conditions.

Prepare exterior surfaces

There are some key points to note when preparing to paint exterior areas. Using the correct technique and quality paints will result in a painting job that is faster, cheaper and easier to use than alternative methods.

How to paint windows

If your windows aren’t looking their best, they might need a little bit of TLC to stay protected against the weather elements.

How to repaint a picket fence

Improve your street appeal easily by refreshing the paintwork on your front fence. With our helpful video and step-by-step guide, you can take on your front fence in one day.

How to spray a fence with Dulux Rapidfinish

Painting your fence has been made easy with the Dulux RapidFinishTM multipurpose spray unit, so you can spend less time painting than if using a brush or roller. See how easy it is!

Front door four ways

When the sun comes out it’s the perfect time to get your front door looking it’s best before guests start knocking.

Repainting exterior and weather affected surfaces

Your guide to product selection for repainting interior and exterior weather affected surfaces.

How to refresh your render

Render looking a little worn? Revive your render surfaces and give it the Dulux treatment for a fresh near-new look.

How to paint weatherboards

When your weatherboards are looking a little weathered it's time to give them the Dulux treatment. Tested for over 40 years in Australian conditions, Dulux Weathershield is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

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