Man painting star effects on a ceiling

What you will need

Stars Template

Use the stars and shapes template to create your Starry Ceiling.

Time to paint

You're ready to paint. Follow these steps to get the best result.

  1. Clear your area and lay down a drop sheet. Grab the tools you will use to paint.
  2. Tape around cornices, edges and any down lights.
  3. Start cutting-in where the roller won’t reach with Wash & Wear Winter Sea Matt. Using a brush, paint around down lights and edges to create a border.
  4. Load roller evenly and paint the ceiling in Winter Sea Matt. (If your ceiling requires two coats, wait two hours.)
  5. Load a paint brush and use the template to paint the stars and shooting star in Wash & Wear Vivid White. You may have to apply a few coats.

Download the Template and get started!