The inaugural Dulux Colour Awards celebrates the creative and innovative use of colour. Artistic and professional skill is documented in project submissions, noting how a space can be transformed and enhanced using the extensive Dulux colour collection.

This year the Dulux Colour Awards received a record-breaking number of high quality entries, showcasing the inventive of use of colour across residential, commercial and public spaces. Following the first round of judging completed by a panel of Dulux colour and design experts, entries were shortlisted to a total of 124 finalists across nine categories.
“We were thrilled to see such dynamic and inventive use of colour in this year’s entries,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager. “Architects and designers have really pushed the boundaries with colour application to create uplifting, engaging – and often thoroughly surprising and exciting – interior and exterior spaces.”

The 32nd Dulux Colour Awards finalists will now be judged by a panel of leading figures in the design industry including; Mim Fanning – Founder and Principal Interior Designer at Mim Design; David Hicks – Director at David Hicks; Katelin Butler – Editor of Houses magazine; David Flack – Founder of Flack Studio; and Murali Bhaskar – Design Director at Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner Team Architects.

Winners will be announced on the 10th May at a gala event held in Melbourne.

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2017 Winners project gallery

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