Bonnie's Dream Home

Located in the hills of New South Wales, the goal of Three Birds Renovations latest project was to create a coastal lifestyle that Bonnie's family can enjoy for the years to come.

Tips & Tricks

Follow Three Birds Reonvations as they share their tips, inspiration and product selection for their latest renovation, Bonnie's dream home. 

Take on easy weekend projects

Transforming furniture can be tricky! Bonnie and Lana take you through some fabulous DIY projects that will transform the rooms in your home. Watch as the girls’ from Three Birds Renovations share the step by step process with Dulux products.

What paint to use and where?

Choosing the most suitable paint for where can be an overwhelming task. Lana takes you through her home and shares her tips of the type of paint she uses for her renovations. Watch as she explains why these products have been chosen for the interior and exterior of her home.

How to create the perfect coastal feeling at home

Bonnie shows you how to can create that beautiful coastal feeling within the home. Watch how she shares her tips on colour and accessroes to achieve this feeling.

Create a super kids room

Lana and Bonnie take you on an adventure to create a super kids room. Watch Bonnie’s creative eye and how she transforms her children’s rooms using Dulux Inspirational colours.

How to create the coastal look on the exterior of your home

Bonnie wanted to achieve a coastal look for her forever home, even though it’s located no where near the beach. Watch as she shares her tips on how to choose the perfect colour to achieve the coastal look.

How to choose the perfect interior paint colour

Choosing a feature colour can be an overwhelming task. Watch as Bonnie from Three Birds Renovations shares the process she follows to find the right colour every time.

Order sample pots & A4 colour swatches

Test your favourite colours at home with a sample pot to get the most accurate example of the final result. All of Dulux’s top whites are available in a 100ml sample pot and can be delivered to your door. It’s the safest way to make a big decision.


Loading colours

Colours displayed should be used as a guide for your colour selection. To ensure best accuracy, test your colour choice at home by ordering Dulux Sample Pots and A4 Colour Swatches.

Product used

Three Birds Renovations have used the following products throughout their renovation.


Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen

Dulux Weathershield has been specially designed to provide a tough, hardwearing finish that provides protection from all weather conditions.

Dulux Wash&Wear Low Sheen

Dulux Wash&Wear 101 Barrier Technology creates a hard wearing acrylic finish that allows you to wipe away most common marks, scuffs and stains with a wet cloth.

Dulux Super Enamel Semi Gloss

Dulux Super Enamel is a traditional oil based enamel that provides a hard wearing finish, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas.

Dulux 1Step Oil Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat

Dulux 1Step Oil Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat is a fast drying interior/exterior prep coat with excellent hiding properties, and good sanding properties.