The Venetian Plaster Collection blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver truly distinctive and unique finishes suitable for both resident and commercial settings.
Smooth and cool to the touch, the colours and finished crafted by hand make every wall an individual work of art. Even in modern times, the Venetian Plaster craftsman will utilise techniques that have remained relatively unchanged for centuries.
These techniques remain unsurpassed in the resulting finish, hence generating the desire from both architects and consumers alike.

acratex venetian plaster finishes


Ranging from the natural beauty and charm of Marmorino Naturale to the highly polished elegance of Polished Stucco, the dramatic and timeless appeal of authentic polished lime plaster is captured and recreated in the Venetian Plaster Collection. These bespoke finishes combining texture, colour and light are being used more and more to create natural, opulent spaces.



Dulux AcraTex offers a large range of both traditional and contemporary colours that are available in a range of finishes.


acratex venetian plaster colours

acratex venetian plaster inspiration


Be inspired by the work completed by our Venetian Plaster Craftsmen. These projects encapsulate the essence of Venetian Plaster, showing the finishes of yesteryear, as well as those that are used to decorate modern, sleek spaces.



Dulux AcraTex offer national training to become a Venetian Plaster Craftsman. Training is suited to those looking to learn or expand both their practical and theoretical knowledge of the art of Venetian Plaster. Our comprehensive two day training course will introduce you to becoming a Venetian Plaster Craftsman and you will be joining an elite group of craftsmen who are supported and mentored by Dulux AcraTex.


acratex venetian plaster training

acratex venetian plaster craftsmen

Become a Venetian Plaster Craftsman

By becoming a Venetian Plaster Craftsman, you will be joining an elite group who are supported and mentored by Dulux AcraTex. Align yourself with Venetian Plaster by Dulux AcraTex and start the journey in becoming a Venetian Plaster craftsman.