How Dulux® Cool Roof with InfraCOOL® Technology works

InfraCOOL® reflects more sunlight before it can be absorbed as heat. Because of their large surface area, and exposure, Roof surfaces can capture and radiate the sun's energy.

cool roof residential

† The extent to which InfraCOOL® may translate to internal benefits in warm conditions will depend on variables such as colour choice,building design (including roof pitch, materials & window placement), insulation, ventilation, occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio of exposed roof area to floor area.

Colour choice can still make a difference

Cool Roof White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall.

InfraCOOL® increases Total Solar Reflection (TSR) to make colours cooler than their standard equivalent. Higher TSR % means COOLER surface temperature.

TSR comparisons for each colour are provided on the Colour Selector and Full TSR reports including Surface Temperature estimates to ATSM E1980 are available below.

InfraCOOL® Performance Data Downloads

Test Reports for individual colours providing detail including:

  • Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) increase
  • Temperature reduction
  • BASIX / BCA colour ratings