Flinders Street Station AcraTex Facade Refurbishment

A building’s facade suffers wear and tear from a variety of sources.

Dulux AcraTex offers a range of remedial solutions to help solve these problems, including:

  • Typical render cracks
  • Facade remedial 
  • Ageing and degradation, a result of construction methods or incorrect coatings applied (not fit for purpose)
  • Substrate failures
  • Atmospheric exposure in different climates

Dulux AcraTex repair systems and protective membrane coatings shield new foundations by offering anti-carbonation protection and conforming with AS4548 Long Life Coatings for Masonry Protection.

Our systems help prevent Reo-bar corrosion of steel reinforced concrete, while offering protection against render cracking and staining - and keeps a building’s facade surface looking great for longer.

Our Specification Team specialises in refurbishment projects, providing owners and managers, engineers, body corporates, and remedial contractors a one-stop shop.

  • Facade assessment 
  • Specifications that cover remedial or preparation requirements of the facade
  • Defect inspection in order to apply finishing protective coatings
  • Quality assurance