Intergrain Nature’s Timber Oil is a natural, oil based timber finish made from 95% sustainable ingredients. The penetrating formula replicates timber’s natural defences against aging, saturating the cells to protect against drying out. Added ingredients give resistance to water, UV and mould. The natural ingredients in Nature’s Timber Oil give a rich, natural oiled finish.


  • A rich, natural oiled finish


  • Resistance to water, UV and mould

Product code: 55297438

Surface preparation

  1. Step 1
      Allow timber to weather for approximately four to six weeks until leaching of the tannins and oils has ceased OR to coat new bare timber immediately, treat timber with Intergrain PowerPrep™ closely following label instructions. PowerPrep will draw out tannins and oils quickly and remove them from the timber surface. Then proceed to Step 2.
      IMPORTANT: You must always use Intergrain Reviva® after PowerPrep.
      All paints and coatings that seal the surface must be thoroughly removed back to bare timber. To remove coating in good condition, a combination of Intergrain Liquid 8™ Timber Stripper and power washing, or sanding is recommended. To remove coatings in poor condition, a combination of Intergrain PowerPrep and power washing is recommended. Then proceed to Step 2.
      Coatings that do not seal the surface commence at Step 2.
      Proceed to Step 2 OR for best results and for severely weathered or mouldy timber, sand timber back to a fresh surface, remove sanding dust, then proceed to Step 2.
  2. Clean all timber with Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner according to label instructions. Remove excess pooled water and ensure surface is clean. Allow timber to dry thoroughly.
  3. Test if the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water on the timber. If the water is absorbed into the timber it is ready for coating. If the water beads or sits on the surface repeat the application of Reviva.
  4. In humid, tropical or mould susceptible areas timber should be coated with a mould preventative treatment such as Intergrain TSS™ Mould Preventer* as per the label instructions. TSS MouldPreventer should be left for 24 hours before applying Nature’s Timber Oil.
  5. Fill nail holes and surface defects with an exterior wood putty such as Intergrain Woodblend™ Wood Filler as per the label instructions after applying the first coat.

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6 m2/L
Cypress Pine, Jarrah, Merbau, Spotted Gum, Treated Pine
Decking, Fences, Exterior timber, Timber Furniture
Interior or Exterior
Application Method
Lambswool applicator,Quality brush
How to Apply
  1. Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer.
  2. If project requires more than one can of Nature’s Timber Oil, mix all cans together in one large container to achieve colour uniformity.
  3. Apply Nature’s Timber Oil using a brush, lambswool applicator, or spray.
  4. When coating large areas, such as decking and weatherboards, coat no more than three boards at a time. Complete an entire length or continue until a natural break such as a window occurs.
  5. Wait four hours to dry and apply a second coat. If necessary, sand lightly between coats to remove any raised grain.
  6. Wait 30 minutes after the second coat is applied and wipe off excess surface oil. Ensure that excess is wiped before the coating gets tacky.
  7. Do not apply to hot surfaces or those in direct sunlight, as doing so may result in difficult application, poor adhesion and blistering.
  8. Do not apply in temperatures above 35°C or below 10°C or if rain or dew is expected within four hours of application.

Drying Characteristics

Full Cure
7 days
Re-Coat Time
4 hours
Care and Maintenance
Conduct a routine 12 monthly maintenance inspection. When timber starts to show signs of dryness and loss of colour, clean timber with Reviva and apply one coat of Nature’s Timber Oil, wiping off the surface excess before it gets tacky.

Health Safety

Clean Up