An advanced water based finish that gives an exceptionally durable, clear finish on interior timber and cork floors. Being water based, UltraFloor emits significantly less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere than traditional oil based flooring finishes. This makes UltraFloor safer to use, and much gentler on the environment.


  • Water based


  • Gentler on the environment

Product code: 52194984

Surface preparation

  1. Step 1
      Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Clean oily timbers such as Brushbox, Spotted Gum, Cypress and Tallowwood with methylated spirits and allow to dry. Prepare cork in accordance with cork manufacturer’s specifications.
      Remove any polishes with an appropriate floor stripper. Wash the surface using Cabot’s® Floor Clean™ and allow to dry. Sand to a uniform dull finish. Vacuum and wipe off dust. Check for adhesion by applying UltraFloor to a small test area. Allow to dry for 24 hours then firmly press a strip of sticky tape over the coating and rip off quickly. If the coating is removed, sand the full surface back to bare timber. If the coating is not removed, sand the test area back to the dull finish.
      Note: If patches of the previous coating have worn back to expose bare timber, the full floor must be sanded back to bare timber.
  2. Nail holes and surface defects should be filled with Intergrain Woodblend™ Wood Filler after the first coat of UltraFloor. Do not use Linseed Oil putty.
  3. Ensure the surface is dry and free from dust, dirt, wax, polish and oil.

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10 m2/L
arrah, Spotted Gum, Mahogany, Teak, Vic Ash
Parquetry, Timber floors, Stairs
Interior or Exterior
Application Method
Lambswool applicator, Short nap roller, Quality long bristle brush
How to Apply
  1. Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer. Do not thin.
  2. For a slip resistant surface on stairs and ramps, add Intergrain UltraGrip™ into each coat of UltraFloor Satin. Note: UltraGrip should only be added to UltraFloor Satin as the grip texture will dull a Gloss finish.
  3. Cut in around edges with a narrow brush or applicator.
  4. Apply an even, generous coat with a lambswool applicator, short nap roller or quality long bristle brush. Work along the complete length of three to four boards at a time, keeping a wet edge to prevent lapping or join marks. Lay off lightly in the direction of the grain.
  5. Do not overwork the coating as this will result in a patchy, uneven finish.
  6. Allow a minimum of four hours to dry. Sand lightly with a fine grit paper to remove any raised grain. Vacuum to remove sanding dust.
  7. Apply two more coats as above, sanding lightly between coats. More coats may be applied if desired.
  8. Do not apply in temperatures above 35°C or below 10°C.

Drying Characteristics

Full Cure
7 days
Re-Coat Time
4 hours
Care and Maintenance
Regularly clean floors with Cabot’s Floor Clean. Surfaces should be recoated before UltraFloor has worn away to expose bare timber. Clean to remove any waxes or polishes. When dry, sand to a uniform dull surface and wipe away dust. Apply one to two coats following application instructions. If patches of floor have been worn back to bare timber, the coating must be fully removed by sanding and the surface prepared as per instructions for previously finished surfaces.

Health Safety

Clean Up