DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch High Build is an acrylic based, high build surface leveling patching compound. Supplied in a water based paste requiring the addition of 5% cement, produces a floatable acrylic patching compound with minimal shrinkage and good adhesion to clean masonry substrates.


  • Easy to handle
  • 100% water-based acrylic
  • Fills up to 5mm deep blemishes
  • Mixes with cement
  • Can be Floated


  • Fast, efficient application
  • Flexible, minimal shrinkage, easy clean up
  • Levels surface imperfections for subseqent texture coats
  • Forms durable exterior patching material
  • Can be sponge floated or finished with a polystyrene float

Product code: 19485841

Surface preparation

Relative to Project Substrate and Specified Finish - refer to Project Specific Duspec Specification and AcraTex Substrate Guide.

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Interior or Exterior
Shelf Life
12 months maximium
Technology Type
100% Acrylic
NBR Coats
Pot Life
1 hour
Application Method
Plastering Tools : Hawk & Trowel, Finishing Float
How to Apply

Application Guide DULUX AcraTex 500/11 AcraPatch Course High Build is applied by Plastering Technique (Hawk and Trowel). A spatula knife can be used for isolated patching and often a sponge float is used to spread the material over extensive blow holes. Multiple coats may be needed to fill larger surface irregularities .For exterior application us a power mixing device to incorporate 10%-20% cement. For interior applications use the product as supplied. For full details refer to individual Duspec Product and AcraTex Applicational Data Sheets.
Volume solids 81%
Toxicity Lead free. Forms a non toxic film. Conforms to AS1647.3
Notes Spread rates nominated are theoretical maximum rates required to achieve the specified film builds for technical performance

Excellent weather resistance when mixed with cement and topcoated.
Heat Resistance
Up to 60C.
Water Resistance
Resists rain and condensation when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system.
Abrasion Resistance
Resists abrasion when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system.
Solvent Resistance
Sensitive to alcohols, aromatic hydrocarbons, acetone and strong solvents.

Drying Characteristics

Touch Dry
1 hour (At 2mm DFT)
Full Cure
7 days (25°C,50%R.H.)
Re-Coat Time
24 hours (25°C,50%R.H.)
Dry Film Thickness
2000 (Micron per coat)
Wet Film Thickness
2469 (Micron per coat)


DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch High Build can be used as a base filler for filling larger surface irregularities & blemishes of up to 5mm per coat in a single coat. This product can also be used as a skim coat over flush jointed blockwork prior to application of texture coatings. DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch High Build can be applied to any clean masonry surfaces. Unlike sand and cement render this product can be overcoated next day with a selected DULUX AcraTex coating system.

Health Safety

Clean Up