Dulux Professional FastFinish™ Undercoat and Ceiling Flat is a high quality, dual purpose interior paint that is designed to save time by undercoating walls and topcoating ceilings without stopping.


  • High opacity
  • Undercoat for walls
  • Top coat for ceilings
  • Available in 10L, 15L


  • Optimised for spray application

Product code: 56KD0094


Ideal for broad wall and ceiling areas where speed of application is important.

Surface preparation

Paperfaced plasterboard, MDF, masonry and suitably primed interior timber. Stir well before use. Apply one coat of Dulux® Professional® Fast Finish™ Undercoat & Ceiling Flat by airless spray to all chosen substrates. For ceilings, apply a second coat of Dulux® Professional® Fast Finish™ Undercoat & Ceiling Flat by spray as the finished coat. Back-rolling of the second coat may be performed to achieve the desired finish. For all areas other than ceilings, apply the suitable topcoats to finish. Please note that in each instance the first coat should be sufficiently dry before applying subsequent coats. Please note that Dulux does recommend the need to back-roll the ceiling to avoid glancing light issues. For further information about spraying and back-rolling, please visit the Dulux Technical Advice web page at dulux.com.au/applicator/advice/tech-advice.

Product downloads

Paper faced plasterboard, MDF, Masonry, Timber
Wall, Ceiling
Room Space
Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Hallway, Commercial property, Retail complex, Entertainment facility, Car park, Health facility, Education facility, Office
Interior or Exterior
Application Method
Spray, Roller or Brush

Health Safety

Clean Up