Intergrain UltraDeck® Timber Oil is a long lasting, high performance, water based coating designed to enhance the natural colour of all exterior timber. The natural looking finish guards timber against harsh weather conditions as well as the abrasive effects of foot traffic, providing your timber superior protection for longer


  • Will never peel, blister or flake*
  • Resists dirt and dust adhesion

Product code: 552W0001


Available in the following pre-packaged colours (Natural, Jarrah, Merbau & Spotted Gum)

Surface preparation

  1. Step 1
      Sand timber to a uniform, smooth surface. Ensure the timber is dry and free from all dirt, dust, wax and oils. Clean oily timbers, such as Brushbox, Spotted Gum, Cypress or Tallowwood with methylated spirits and allow to dry.
      Note: Do not use steel wool on timber to be coated with UltraDeck as severe staining will occur. Then proceed to Step 4.
      Allow new Treated Pine to weather for 2 weeks prior to application or follow timber manufacturer’s recommendation. Proceed to Step 2.
      Allow other timbers to weather for approximately 4-6 weeks. We recommend that tannin rich timbers are regularly hosed with water to assist leaching during this time Alternatively to coat new bare timber immediately, treat timber with Intergrain PowerPrep™ closely following label instructions. PowerPrep will draw out tannins and oils quickly and remove them from the timber surface. Then proceed to Step 2.
      IMPORTANT: You must always use Intergrain Reviva® after PowerPrep. Weathering periods are provided as a guide only, consult your timber supplier to ensure you correctly prepare your timber for your particular requirements.
      All paints and coatings that seal the surface must be thoroughly removed back to bare timber. To remove coating in good condition, a combination of Intergrain Liquid 8™ Timber Stripper and power washing, or sanding is recommended. To remove coatings in poor condition, a combination of Intergrain PowerPrep and power washing is recommended. Then proceed to Step 2.
      Coatings that do not seal the surface commence at Step 2.
      Proceed to Step 2 OR for best results and for severely weathered or mouldy timber, sand timber back to a fresh surface, remove sanding dust, then proceed to Step 2.
  2. Clean all timber with Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner according to label instructions. Remove excess pooled water and ensure surface is clean. Allow timber to dry thoroughly OR if desired coat new bare timber whilst still damp.
    Note: Three coats of UltraDeck will be required if coating new bare damp timber.
  3. For all timber surfaces, you must test that the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water on dry timber. If the water is absorbed into the timber it is ready for coating. If the water beads or sits on the surface repeat Step 1.
  4. In humid, tropical or mould susceptible areas timber should be coated with a mould preventative treatment such as Intergrain TSS™ Mould Preventer* as per the label instructions. TSS Mould Preventer should be left for a minimum of four hours before applying UlltaDeck.
  5. Fill nail holes and surface defects with an exterior wood putty such as Intergrain Woodblend™* Wood Filler as per the label instructions after applying the first coat.

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10 m2/L
Cypress Pine, Jarrah, Merbau, Spotted Gum, Treated Pine
Decking, Fence, Exterior timber, Timber Furniture
Interior or Exterior
Application Method
Brush, Spray, Lambswool applicator
How to Apply
  1. Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer. If project requires more than one can of UltraDeck, mix all cans together in one large container to achieve colour uniformity.
  2. For a slip resistant surface on stairs, ramps and wet areas, add Intergrain UltraGrip™* additive into each coat of UltraDeck.
  3. Apply UltraDeck using a quality brush, lambswool applicator, or spray.
  4. Wait four hours to dry and apply a second coat. If necessary, sand lightly between coats to remove any raised grain.
  5. Three coats will be required in extreme conditions such as full sun exposure, around pools, in humid areas, when applying direct to new bare damp timber, and may be required on porous timbers.
    Note: If applying direct to new bare damp timber in extreme conditions, four coats will be required.
  6. Keep freshly coated contacting surfaces such as doors and windows ajar for several days to prevent sticking.
  7. Some tight closing windows may need sealing strips to prevent sticking.
  8. Do not apply to hot surfaces or those in direct sunlight, as doing so may result in difficult application, poor adhesion and blistering.
  9. Do not apply in temperatures above 35°C or below 10°C or if rain or dew is expected within 4 hours of application.

Drying Characteristics

Full Cure
7 days
Re-Coat Time
4 hours
Care and Maintenance
Conduct a routine 12 monthly maintenance inspection. Best protection of the timber and ease of maintenance is ensured if UltraDeck is recoated before deterioration of the coating and timber underneath occurs. First indication of the need for recoating will be observed as patchiness or discolouration on edges and areas where insufficient product has been applied. To apply a maintenance coat to a surface which is in good condition, clean the surface with Reviva and apply one coat of UltraDeck to dry timber. To refresh timber with significant signs of weathering, greying or mould, prepare the surface as per the directions under SURFACE PREPARATION.

Health Safety

Clean Up
Warranty Information
*Refer to product label for full conditions. This guarantee does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.