Intergrain UltraPrep Timber Cleaner (previously known as Reviva) is a high strength cleaner that contains oxalic acid and citric acid, both naturally occurring, bio-degradable organic acids. Use UltraPrep Timber Cleaner to clean all timber prior to coating. UltraPrep Timber Cleaner will help restore and prepare weathered, grey, rust or tannin stained, mould or mildew affected timber to a clean appearance ready for coating.


  • High strength cleaner

Product code: 55297439

Surface preparation

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10 m2/L
All exterior timber
Exterior timber
Interior or Exterior
Application Method
Broom, Stiff bristle brush, Scouring pad
How to Apply
  1. Remove surface dirt by sweeping or washing down with water.
  2. Shake Reviva thoroughly. Mix ONE (1) part Reviva to FOUR (4) parts water in a plastic container. For severe staining a stronger solution or repeat applications may be necessary. Tannin rich timbers may also require repeat applications; wash until the water used to rinse Reviva off is clear.
  3. CAUTION: Wear waterproof gloves and safety glasses. Avoid contact with painted, concrete or metal surfaces and vegetation. May be corrosive to metals. Rinse off thoroughly if contact occurs.
  4. Wet the timber surfaces to be cleaned with water.
  5. Apply Reviva mixture generously to the timber with a stiff bristle brush, broom or scouring pad. Scrub the timber vigorously. Clean complete sections at one time. Spot cleaning should be avoided to prevent patchy results.
  6. Leave mixture on the timber for 10-15 minutes. If necessary, apply more mixture to keep timber damp throughout this period. For best results Reviva should be applied to cool surfaces, out of direct sunlight, to avoid the cleaner drying on the timber.
  7. Rinse off exterior surfaces thoroughly using maximum pressure from a garden hose or using a high pressure water cleaner. A high pressure water cleaner is recommended for large areas or badly discoloured timber.
    Note: Failure to thoroughly remove mixture may result in timber discolouration under clear finishes.
  8. Allow timber to dry thoroughly before applying further products.
    Note: After cleaning, some timber species will appear lighter due to loss of water soluble extractives. Richer colour is generally restored on application of the finish.

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