2017 Dulux Study Tour participants

Louisa Gee

Louisa Gee (QLD) – Director, Louisa Gee Architects.

Imogene Tudor

Imogene Tudor (Sydney, NSW) - Senior architect, Sam Crawford Architects

Morgan Jenkins

Morgan Jenkins (Brisbane, QLD) – Sole Practitioner, Morgan Jenkins Architecture.

Alberto Quizon

Alberto Quizon (Sydney, NSW) – Associate, CHROFI and design teacher with UTS.

Claire Scorpo

Claire Scorpo (Melbourne, VIC) – Director, Claire Scorpo Architects

Here's what happened in 2017

Dulux Study Tour

Barcelona: A city of irrationality and whimsy

Barcelona is a city with flair, seen in its people, its public spaces, its colours and its architecture. The city puts people and social interactions first, so it’s no surprise that it is being overrun by tourists. For the participants of the 2017 Dulux Study Tour, it was experiencing the patterns of Barcelona.

Credit: Katelin Butler

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Dulux Study Tour Blog


What’s a word for that feeling when you finally arrive at the airport? Deadlines and tasks finished in a flurry, plants left unwatered, clothes in a shamble in your bag. “As long as you’ve got your passport, you’re ok,” we were told.

Credit: Katelin Butler

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