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Albert Park Curved Pleated Facade, AdeB Architects

Architect: Alfred de Bruyne

Image credits: Jaime Diaz-Berrio

Albert Park Curved Pleated Facade is a sensitive addition to an intact single storey, polychrome Edwardian villa. The heritage overlay ensured the retainment and restoration of the fine existing residence. Additions comprise a distinct two level extension and a separate complementary garage studio with a central sun filled courtyard. The wide side lane presents the project with great visibility and presence. 

The most successful aspect of the design is the creation of a contemporary home expressed as a refined, restrained composition of metallic bronze perforated pleated facade of the elevated ovoid forms within the heritage precinct. The soft forms of the additions work effectively as a recessive and subservient presence within the rear lane, backyard context.

The judicious application of colour to the new materials and elements of the additions establishes a clear and direct link to the materials and finishes of the restored heritage residence. The contemporary forms and finishes complement the brick, slate, bluestone and timber trims of the existing residence. The intensity and balance of the selected colours and treatments establishes a subtle yet strong resonance with the retained building.

The metallic bronze powdercoat finish to the perforated aluminium pleated screens contained within crisp top and sill plates provides a rich visual and textual quality to the composition. Sun movement animates the curved facade and the light, shadow effect created by the perforated, pleated profiles, accentuating the curved forms of the additions. The changing transparency, shadow and reflective qualities across these surfaces, animates the restrained facade internally with a special dapple light quality.

The metallic Deep Bronze Pearl powdercoat finish of the pleated facade is a soft counterpoint to the cool grey of the slate roof. The panellised compressed sheet side fence and garage door painted in Western Myall mimics the charcoal tones of the rustic and saw cut bluestone. The rendered walls and trims in the strong tones of Monument and Mt Eden completes the colour composition. This considered approach underpins our rationale for a distinct yet unified presence of the new additions for a comfortable urban fit within this desirable heritage precinct.

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