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5 Sam Sing Street, Collins and Turner with Environa Studio

Interior Designers: Collins and Turner and Environa Studio

Image credit: Richard Glover

5 Sam Sing Street includes a mix of apartments and retail, contained within a 20-storey apartment tower and two 4-storey mixed use structures.

The design, carried out in collaboration with Environa Studio seeks to establish a new typology for high density living in the inner city a garden tower.

The distinct tower form is subdivided into two volumes over its full height. The northern and southern blocks are connected by a series of open air landscaped lobbies, orientated east-west. The lobbies become terraces and allow daylight and fresh air into the heart of the building.

Every 4th floor, the lobbies are extended with a larger planted space to form dramatic 12m high sky garden spaces, which include a range of mature planting as well as recreational space for the residents. The location of the sky gardens alternates between east and west elevations to provide a variety of distinct landscape experiences with different plants, views and microclimates over the height of the tower.

The project includes a variety of different apartment and unit sizes, including terraces and town houses in the low rise structure. Three retail units are located in the mixed use structure facing Archibald Avenue. The external form of the tower is characterised by the garden voids, and a high performance facade including external perforated mesh sun shading in a palette of six Dulux colours.

The plan orientation angle of the vertical format sun shading fins also varies subtly, with incident light and cast shadows creating a seemingly wider range of colours and tones which transform subtly through the course of the day.

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