Crimson Education Office, OPL

Architect: Patrick Loo

Interior Designer: Patrick Loo & Biran He

Image Credits: Patrick Loo

Housed within a 1960s era warehouse, the project is a small interior office fitout for Crimson Education’s technology teams. Spatially open in planning, the design was conceived as a new timber grounded insertion within an existing brick and glass surround with heavy structural steel elements floating above.

Colour and material palettes were used as strong visual linkages to the workstations, storage units and meeting pods contained within.

Inspiration for colour was driven by the red tones of the existing steel protective primer coatings and the poetic way in which this tied in with the client’s name. The decision was made to continue this theme and communicate all structural elements through this red tonal language, contrasting the boldness of colour against the softness of the timber and white background.

In-situ steel was painted in Dulux’s Red Rock, with gloss paint for its reflective quality against the flatness of the ceiling and acoustic panels. The free-standing meeting pods and shelving units are powdercoated in Dulux Matt Pioneer Red, as they are a mixture of aluminium and steel construction but were needing to be visually homogeneous and hard-wearing.

Colour palette

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the family

‘The Family Bach’ by Cymon Allfrey Architects Limited
Image Credits: Stephen Goodenough

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