AcraTex Specialty Finishes are an ideal solution for achieving a look as unique as your project. From the impressive AcraShield metallic options to the hand-crafted Venetian Plaster Collection, explore the range to find out how to make your project stand out.

AcraShield Aluminium

Achieve the lustre of aluminum. Using an aluminum base, AcraShield Aluminum has a pale, glossy finish that shifts and changes with the sun throughout the day. A long-lasting and innovative alternative to composite aluminum cladding.

AcraShield MIOX

Micaceous Iron oxide (MIOX) brings a deeply-toned and textured metallic shine to any facade. Using a MIOX base, it achieves a rich matte finish with a metallic spark.

Venetian Plaster

When it comes to your space’s interior, look no further than The Venetian Plaster Collection. The Venetian Plaster Collection blends traditional artisan craftsmanship with contemporary style to deliver truly distinctive and unique finishes suitable for both residential and commercial settings.