Dulux AcraTex AcraShield Aluminum is flexible to your project needs and designed for long-term durability and colour consistency. AcraShield Aluminum can be applied as a protective topcoat over Dulux AcraTex Texture coatings and is compatible with a wide variety of substrates including masonry and concrete.

Exterior using AcraTex Aluminium

Product Overview

AcraShield Aluminum, with special interlocked technology, provides reduced moisture permeability, improved resistance to degradation by UV light and greater colour consistency over large areas.
AcraShield Aluminum offers all the advanced protection benefits of AcraShield Advanced including elastomeric crack bridging, anti-carbonation protection, reduces mould and dirt pick-up and is weather resistant.

Colour Range

Aluminium Untinted Base

Amber Rust

Calming Howlite

Chicago Quartz

Druzy Gem

Golden Topaz


London Blue Topaz



Orange Calcite


Pyrite Cluster

Pyrite Gold

Silver White Crytsal

Sunstone Bronze

Bastnasite Gem

Beryl Gold

Diopside Envy


Hiddenite Brazil

Jasper Iron

Magma Rock


Off White Crystal

Opalite Rose

Pink Ametrine

Platinum Stone


Silver Leaf Jasper

Zebra Stone

Ziconia Pearl

AcraTex product samples and colour fan deck

Order product samples

To help visualise Texture finishes, Dulux AcraTex offers Design Professionals Product Samples in either a Standard White, or a Project Nominated sample customised to a Dulux Colour.

We recommend ordering the Standard White Product Sample and the Dulux Colour Sample in parallel to help short-list the finish and colour choice. Once short-listed, we recommend you then order a Project Nominated Product Sample in the Dulux Colour.

AcraShield Aluminium and MIOX samples are also available to order.