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Visualise your colour

Select a photo of your room and use Dulux colour to virtually paint the area. This will give you an idea of what the finished project will look like and help bring your paint project to life. You can get started with our preloaded most popular colours palettes.

Remember to consider the lighting, avoid shadows and try to use natural light, this will play a big factor in how the colours are displayed in your room.


Match your colour

Dulux Colour allows you to sample a part of a photo and see the closest digital match from over 1,100 colours in the Dulux range. From there you can save the colour and use it in your colour schemes.

Browse Dulux colours

Dulux Colour allows you to browse through the entire Dulux range of colour from the ease of your phone. Select colours and add them to your palettes to test them in your home.

Dulux Visualiser Features

Visualise Dulux colour on your walls

Match colours in your home

Browse Dulux colours while viewing your room

Save your project and share with family or friends

Compare and view multiple schemes

Locate your nearest Dulux retailer

Download the Dulux Colour app on Android or iOS today