Vivid White

Dulux Vivid White™ is one of our most-loved white s. Ultra-pure and popular, this colour is perfect for creating a clean, contemporary look.


Vivid White™


of Dulux Sir Edmund, or Dulux Soft Fresco.  

White on White

Colour Schemes How to use: • Walls: White on White™ • Ceiling & Trim: Vivid White™

Antique White U.S.A

Colour Schemes How to use: • Walls: Antique White U.S.A.®  • Ceiling & Trim: Vivid White™

Natural White

Colour Schemes  How to use: • Walls: Natural White™ • Ceiling & Trim: Vivid White 


Reset a sense of closeness. As we draw back into the comfort of our homes, we explore vivid recollections of adventure and discovery. A subtle playful ...

Popular outside schemes

a clean, crisp trim such as Vivid White™.  


Product Recall - Aquanamel Semi Gloss 4L in Vivid White Base

How to Choose Exterior Colour

trims or architectural details, add a clean, crisp white such as Vivid White™.