blues and greys can provide a sense of calmness and tranquil ity.


simple, textural and nurturing hues and admire your tranquil surrounds.


enhanced by velvet fabrics, timber and natural materials.


inspire you to test the colours in your own home.

The Grace Tales

Sleeping retreat Combine soft pinks, crisp white trims and Ghost Town Quarter to create a sense of calmness in your child’s bedroom. Balance this with ...

The Bold Extension

Lana takes you on a house tour to discover how to achieve a relaxing master retreat - a calm and tranquil guest bedroom – and warm, nurturing room for ...

Popular outside schemes

a clean, crisp trim such as Vivid White™.  


details, add a clean, crisp white such as Vivid White™.

Front entrance

Tranquil Retreat   Total time needed: 4.5 hours