Add natural style and character to your outdoor living area with textured paints by Dulux.


  1. Like all quality paint jobs you want to make sure your surface is clean and ready. Sweeping it down is a great way to remove excess dust and loose sand. It’s also worth checking out the preparation tips on the product label.
  2. Using a high quality tape, mask off any adjoining surfaces, light fittings or other areas that need protecting.
  3. Use a brush to cut into the edges of your wall or any sections that your roller will find difficult to reach.
  4. Using a medium nap roller, roll vertically starting from the ground and working your way up.

    Work in manageable sections, overlapping each stroke slightly to erase the line from the previous.

  5. If you’d prefer a smoother effect, simply apply your second coat after 4 hours in the same way you did your first. If a textured finish is more your style, grab a wide brush and apply your second coat in a series of crisscross motions. Overlapping this pattern will create a more uniform look.
  6. After about 30 minutes your paint should lighten and reveal your new rock texture.

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