1. Measure all areas to be painted. Consider all edges and visible surfaces.
  2. Multiply height x width.
  3. Different products have a different coverage rate
    (Product) / (Coverage rate m2 /L) *Approximate (depending on surface porosity)
    Primer: 3-4m2/L
    Fine: 3-4m2 /L with lambswool roller
    Medium: 2-3m2 /L
    Full Cover: 0.5-1m2 /L
    Rock: 10m2 /L
    Tuscan: 10m2 /L
  4. Is Primer required? Dulux Texture Rock and Tuscan will use Dulux 1Step Prep for adhesion to the surface. Dulux Texture Fine, Medium and Full Cover require one coat of Dulux Texture Primer to prepare the surface.
  5. Remember to consider how many coats are required. It is recommended for Dulux Texture Fine, Medium and Full Cover to use 2 coats for the best finish, additional coats may be required dependent on the depth of mortar joints and levelling requirements.
  6. Rock and Tuscan usually require 2 coats to achieve the desired look.

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