The Single Residential Interior category reviews the interior colour and paint finishes of any building used as a private single residence.

michelle halford

Percy St, Bagnoli Architects

Interior Designer & Architect: Stefan Bagnoli

Image credits: Ari Hatzis

Percy St evolved from a core concept of connections through elements. Lines of sight, light, texture, colour, fixtures, fittings and detailing are custom designed throughout the entire project. The extension contrasts with the original house directly through these elements.

The original three bedrooms, one bathroom Victorian cottage was an important design element to be incorporated into the new home. The aim was to retain as much of the original design as possible in order to preserve the project's history.

The design connects the old to the new internally via interplay of floating built-in furniture contrasting against solid, rich brass and marble detailing. Externally the char-burnt timber cladding and plants, soften, and weave in and around, the courtyard-type spaces, dissolving the form.

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