Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Super Tough is a two-pack water-based epoxy paint that provides ultimate abrasion resistance to walls that need extra protection. Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Super Tough can be repeatedly scrubbed so it will stay looking freshly painted for years.


  • Two-pack water based epoxy
  • Easy to use - just mix Part B into Part A
  • The hardest-wearing Wash&Wear
  • Available in Vivid White base
  • Available in 4L Kit


  • For walls that need extra protection
  • Ultimate abrasion resistance
  • Can be repeatedly scrubbed so it will stay looking freshly painted for years

Product code: N9578310


The two-pack epoxy technology is perhaps the easiest two part coating available. Just pour the entire contents of Part B into the Part A can and stir thoroughly for two minutes. Once mixed, it's just like an ordinary paint. With a 48 hour pot life, there's plenty of time to do multiple coats and have time to clean up.

Surface preparation

Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, oils and grease. Cracks or holes with filler: Spot prime repairs with Dulux 1 Step Water Based. Glossy surfaces: Lightly sand to a dull finish. Unpainted plasterboard, brick, cement: One coat of Dulux 1 Step Water Based. Bare timber: One coat of Dulux 1 Step Water Based. Set plaster, fibrous plaster, plasterglass: One coat of Dulux Sealer Binder.

Product downloads

16 square metres per L
Plasterboard, Brick, Cement, Bare Timber, Set plaster, Fibrous Plaster, Plasterglass, Concrete, Masonry
Wash&Wear +PLUS
Room Space
Bedroom, Living room, Hallway, Dining room, Lounge
Interior or Exterior
Pot Life
Application Method
Roller, Brush, Spray

Performance Guide

Gloss Level
VOC Level
< 40 g/L tinted & untinted
Not recommended for exterior use
Heat Resistance
Softens and sticks to other painted surfaces over 70C
Water Resistance
Suitable for use in wet areas
Abrasion Resistance
Good wet and dry burnish resistance and stain removal
Solvent Resistance
Sensitive to aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols

Drying Characteristics

Full Cure
7 days
Re-Coat Time
2 hours

Health Safety

Clean Up
Clean all equipment with water.