Quantum Clearcoat Gloss is a premium quality, high gloss, crystal clear two-pack acrylic polyurethane. Quantum has been designed for superior weathering and gloss retention even in areas of extreme UV radiation. Quantum Clearcoat Gloss, when used over Quantum FX imparts exceptional gloss, depth of colour and sparkle and offers very high visual impact to areas of high public scrutiny such as hotel lobbies, commercial facades, restaurant and cafe interiors, showrooms, awnings, lifts, furniture, and many areas in sporting facilities and retail complexes. Quantum, when fully cured, exhibits excellent graffiti resistance. 

Product code: 72230900


Clear coat for enhanced protection against weathering and graffiti attack. Used as the clear sealer over a protective coating system in: commercial developments, facade panels, high rise apartments, joinery, public spaces, reception areas, retail complexes.

Surface preparation

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Aluminium, Steel, Compressed fibre cement sheet, MDF, Fibreglass
Steelwork, Decorative steelwork, Door, Balustrade, Handrail, Curtain wall, Column, Awning
Interior or Exterior
Exterior, Interior
New or Repaint
New, Repaint
Application Method
Brush, roller, conventional or airless spray
Excellent gloss retention on exterior exposure
Heat Resistance
Up to 120°C dry heat
Water Resistance
Excellent resistance to fresh and salt water but not suitable for immersion
Abrasion Resistance
Excellent when fully cured
Solvent Resistance
Excellent resistance to splash and spillage of common alcohols, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ketones
Acid Resistance
Suitable for splash and spillage exposure to most acids
Alkaline Resistance
Good resistance to splash and spillage of most common alkalis
Salt Resistance
Unaffected by splash and spillage of most salt solutions


Steel – NEW: Abrasive blast clean AS1627.4 Class 2.5. Typical System: 1 x Duremax GPE ZP @ 125 microns + 1 x Quantum FX @ 55 microns + 1 x Quantum Clearcoat @ 45 microns