DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch Coarse is an acrylic based, granular patching compound. Supplied in a water based paste requiring the addition of 10% cement it exhibits minimal shrinkage on drying and good adhesion to clean masonry substrates.


  • Easy to handle
  • 100% water-based acrylic
  • Fills up to 4mm deep blemishes
  • Mixes with cement


  • Fast, efficient application
  • Flexible, minimal shrinkage, easy clean up
  • Gives smooth surface for textured topcoats
  • Forms durable exterior patching material

Product code: 19420806

Surface preparation

Relative to Project Substrate and Specified Finish - refer to Project Specific Duspec Specification and AcraTex Substrate Guide.

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Interior or Exterior
Shelf Life
12 months maximium
Technology Type
100% Acrylic
Pot Life
1 hour
Application Method
Plastering Tools : Hawk & Trowel, Finishing Float
Clean Up Type
How to Apply

Application Guide DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch Course Applied by Plastering Technique (Hawk and Trowel). A spatula knife can be used for isolated patching and often a sponge float is used to spread the material over extensive blow holes. Multiple coats may be needed to fill larger surface irregularities .For exterior application us a power mixing device to incorporate 10% cement. For interior applications use the product as supplied. For full details refer to individual Duspec Product and AcraTex Applicational Data Sheets.
Volume solids 65%
Toxicity Lead free. Forms a non toxic film. Conforms to AS1647.3
Notes Spread rates nominated are theoretical maximum rates required to achieve the specified film builds for technicalperformance

VOC Level
< 25g/L untinted
Excellent weather resistance when mixed with cement when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system.
Heat Resistance
Up to 60C.
Water Resistance
Resists rain and condensation when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system.
Salt Resistance
Resists salt spray when when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system.

Drying Characteristics

Touch Dry
1 hour (At 2mm DFT)
Full Cure
7 days (25°C,50%R.H.)
Re-Coat Time
24 hours (25°C,50%R.H.)
Dry Film Thickness
1000 (Micron per coat)
Wet Film Thickness
1538 (Micron per coat)


DULUX AcraPatch Coarse can be used as a base filler for filling larger surface irregularities & blemishes of up to 4mm per coat. This product can also be used as a skim coat over flush jointed blockwork prior to application of texture coatings. DULUX AcraTex AcraPatch Coarse can be applied to any clean masonry surfaces. It should be top-coated with a selected DULUX AcraTex coating system. The product is also used for the flushing of joints with the addition of 10% clean Portland cement on Fibre Cement Sheetings incorporating an alkaline resistant fibre mesh and then as an entire skimcoat ( no cement ) over the board when the joints have dried.