Metallic Topcoats/Finishes


DULUX Quantum® FX - PC430

The sparking metallic polyurethane

Quantum® FX is a premium quality, sparkling, metallic two—pack polyurethane designed for areas requiring very long term durability and high visual impact. Quantum® FX offers a range of brilliant, tinted colours in a choice of two grades – Fine and Coarse Metallic. An optional Quantum Clear coat offers a high gloss "wet look".

DULUX Quantum® - PC435

The high gloss clear polyurethane

Quantum® is a high-gloss, two-pack polyurethane clear coat for enhancing the metallic sparkle of Quantum® FX. Quantum® is suitable for exterior and interior use. The gloss finish and chemical resistance of this clear also offers improved graffiti resistance in areas prone to graffiti attack.

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