DULUX Duraflex™ 2 - PC655

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Duraflex™ 2 is a fast drying, high gloss silicone alkyd enamel. This formula dries far more rapidly than conventional silicone enamels and traditional alkyd enamels. Duraflex™ 2 is ideal for situations where single-pack gloss enamels are required and great visual appeal and longer-term durability are important. Spray application achieves an exceptional quality high gloss finish. Where application is limited to brush and roller, Duraflex™ 2 is also suitable, with its good flow properties. The alkyd resin in Duraflex™ 2 is modified with silicone; this resin modification greatly enhances initial gloss and exhibits vastly superior retention of both gloss and colour compared with conventional enamels, making it a most cost-effective alternative.


  • Available in the full range of Dulux Colour Specifier Colours and AS2700 colours
  • High gloss finish
  • Single pack, easy to use
  • Excellent application and flow-out of brush marks
  • Silicone modified alkyd formula
  • Rapid dry compared to both standard alkyds and silicone alkyds


  • Far superior gloss retention and chalk resistance compared to conventional alkyd enamels
  • Lower rate of yellowing compared to conventional enamels
  • Handle within 4 hours of application instead of the usual 12 hours for conventional enamels

Performance Guide

WeatherabilityVery good gloss and colour retention on exterior exposure.
Heat ResistanceUp to 90°C dry heat.
Water ResistanceResists condenstation and rain. Not suitable for permanently damp conditions or immersion.
Abrasion ResistanceGood abrasion resistance when fully cured.
Solvent ResistanceResists splash and spillage of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Acid ResistanceSuitable for splash and spillage of weak solutions of acids.
Alkaline ResistanceNot recommended where fumes, splash or spillage may occur.
Salt ResistanceUnaffected by splash and spillage of neutral and acid salt solutions.


Roller, Brush, Airspray, Conventional Spray

Surface Preparation

Degrease by detergent wash according to AS1627.1. For minor and miscellaneous steel, power tool clean to AS1627.2 St 3. Remove all dust. Apply first coat before surface deterioration occurs.


Duraflex™ 2 is suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces where a conventional alkyd enamel paint would be used, such as handrails, fenceposts, window frames and all other miscellaneous metalwork. Duraflex™ 2 is partiularly useful for general maintenance work in areas subject to direct sunlight, where conventional alkyd enamels are likely to chalk and lose gloss more quickly.


4L cans


Light base, Deep Base, Clear Base, White

Use and typical specification

[Steel]: Power tool clean to AS1627.2 St 3. Typical system: 1 x Luxaprime® ZP @ 75 microns + 2 x Duraflex® 2 @ 50 microns.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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