High Gloss Topcoats/Finishes


DULUX Duraflex™ 2 - PC655

The high gloss silicone enamel

Duraflex™ 2 is a fast drying, high gloss silicone alkyd enamel. This formula dries far more rapidly than conventional silicone enamels and traditional alkyd enamels. Duraflex™ 2 is ideal for situations where single-pack gloss enamels are required and great visual appeal and longer-term durability are important. Spray application achieves an exceptional quality high gloss finish. Where application is limited to brush and roller, Duraflex™ 2 is also suitable, with its good flow properties. The alkyd resin in Duraflex™ 2 is modified with silicone; this resin modification greatly enhances initial gloss and exhibits vastly superior retention of both gloss and colour compared with conventional enamels, making it a most cost-effective alternative.

DULUX Luxathane® R - PC402

The high gloss polyurethane topcoat

Luxathane® R is a high-gloss two-pack polyurethane finish with excellent long term durability in both exterior and interior areas. The high gloss finish of Luxathane® R exhibits exceptional aesthetic appeal and is ideal for areas of high public scrutiny Luxathane® R is easily recoatable with itself after detergent degreasing and light abrasion. Luxathane® R is also suitable in areas prone to defacement by spray-can graffiti in conjunction with Dulux® Graffiti Eraser.

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