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A long lasting, semi transparent water based stain for decking, weatherboards, shutters, garage doors, garden furniture, window frames, walkways and fences.


  • Outstanding Durability
  • Fast drying and easy clean up
  • Rejuvinate faded or weathered timber or transform the colour of timber such as treated pine
  • Will not crack, peel or blister
  • Protects timber against mould
  • Protects timber against Australia's harsh climate and weather conditions.

Performance Guide

Gloss level Indicator10
VOC Properties< 85g/L
WeatherabilityFormulated for exterior use
Heat ResistanceUp to 70C. Higher temperature will cause film to soften
Water ResistanceGood water resistance.
Abrasion ResistanceModerate resistance to abrasion
Solvent ResistanceFair
Acid ResistanceFair
Alkali ResistanceFair
Salt ResistanceGood


Brush, Applicator or Spray

Surface Preparation

New Bare Timber: Allow timber to weather for approximately 4-6 weeks until leaching of the tannins and oils has ceased. After this time, clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Previously Painted, Stained or Oiled Timber: All paints and coatings that seal the surface must be thoroughly removed back to bare timber. For previously oiled or stained coatings that do not seal the surface, clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Weathered, Grey or Mould Affected Timber: For best results, sand timber back to a fresh surface. Remove sanding dust, and clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Clean all timber with Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner, closely following label instructions. Ensure surface is rinsed clean and allowed to thoroughly dry. Test if the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water on the timber. If the water beads on the surface, repeat the application of Reviva. If the water is absorbed into the timber, it is ready for coating. In humid, tropical or mould susceptible areas, new and cleaned timber should be treated with Intergrain TSS Timber Sterilising Solution before coating. TSS should be left for 24 hours before overcoated. Fill nail holes and surface defects with Intergrain Woodblend Wood Filler after applying the first coat of NaturalStain. APPLICATION Note: Timber colour and species will influence the final appearance of semi-transparent stains. Test on a small area or off cut for colour suitability before use. Do not apply by roller. Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer. Do not thin. If project requires more than one can of stain, mix cans together in one large container to achieve colour uniformity. Apply TWO coats of NaturalStain taking care to apply sufficient product to edges and end grain. THREE coats will be required in extreme conditions such as full sun exposure, around pools and in humid areas, and may be required on porous timbers. Apply with a quality synthetic or pure bristle brush, pad applicator or spray (HVLP or airless). If spraying, back bush immediately after each section is coated to ensure a uniform finish. Do not overspread or apply thinly as insufficient film thickness will result in lap marks, and compromise performance and durability. One coat is normally sufficient for interior timber. A second coat would only be required to achieve greater depth of colour and greater protection. For a gloss or satin finish, and added protection, overcoat with UltraClear Interior. When staining large areas, such as decking and weatherboards, stain no more than three boards at a time. Complete an entire length or continue until a natural break such as a window occurs. If necessary, sand lightly between coats to remove any raised grain. MAINTENANCE Conduct routine 12 monthly maintenance inspections. Best protection of the timber and ease of maintenance is ensured if NaturalStain is recoated before deterioration of the coating and timber underneath occurs. First indications of the need for recoating will be observed as patchiness or discolouration on edges and areas where insufficient product has been applied. If small areas of timber have weathered through to cause deterioration of the coating, clean area thoroughly with Reviva, sand and recoat as for bare timber. For large weathered areas, remove existing NaturalStain coating back to bare timber. This can be done with Intergrain Liquid 8 and power washing, or sanding. Coat as for bare timber. To recoat NaturalStain which is in good condition, simply clean the surface with Reviva and apply one coat of NaturalStain.

Clean Up



Use on all exterior timber including decking, weatherboards, window frames, shutters, garage doors, garden furniture, walkways and fences. Also suitable for use on HardiPlank¬ô and similar cement based and composite timber cladding. Where the same appearance is desired inside, NaturalStain is also appropriate for use on interior exposed beams, window frames and skirting boards and can be overcoated with Intergrain UltraClear Interior Gloss or Satin. Ultraclear Exterior can also be used as a top coat outside if a satin or gloss finish is desired.


10L, 4L, 1L


Low Sheen - Merbau, Driftwood/Weathered Cedar, Redwood, Cedar/Cypress, Jarrah/Redgum and Charcoal

Use and typical specification

Intergrain NaturalStain is a high performance, semi-transparent, water based matt to low sheen stain designed to protect and enhance exterior timber. NaturalStain is formulated using unique nano-particle technology which provides excellent tannin blocking, and resistance to UV, water and mould. Ideal for timber decking, garden furniture and weatherboards, NaturalStain protects against the destructive effects of weathering and is more durable than conventional semi-transparent oil based finishes. NaturalStain is low odour and fast drying, enabling two coats to be applied in one day, and is available in a range of contemporary colours. NaturalStain can be overcoated with Intergrain UltraClear Exterior for a gloss or a satin finish.

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