A long lasting, semi transparent water based stain for decking, weatherboards, shutters, garage doors, garden furniture, window frames, walkways and fences.

INTERGRAIN UltraClear Exterior

A tough, water based exterior clear timber finish.

INTERGRAIN Nature's Timber Oil

A natural penetrating oil for exterior timber - consists of 98% naturally derived and sustainable raw materials.

INTERGRAIN Reviva Wood Cleaner

A high strength cleaner for use on all timber (new or weathered) prior to coating.


Treatment for interior and exterior bare and painted surfaces in humid, tropical and mould susceptible areas.

INTERGRAIN Woodblend Putty

A water based timber putty and grain filler for both interior and exterior use.

INTERGRAIN Liquid 8 Paint Remover

A citrus based paint and timber coating remover.

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