INTERGRAIN Dimension 4

Code: 552-94805

A timber primer for use under Intergrain DWD as step one as part of the Intergrain Trishield system.


  • Water based
  • Lignan stabiliser
  • Low odour


  • Fast drying and easy clean up
  • Contains tannin blocking agents
  • Stabiliser prevents timber degredation
  • Reduces water absorption, cupping, splitting, checking and staining.
  • Resists mould, mildew and fungi

Performance Guide

Gloss level Indicator5
VOC Properties< 20g/L
WeatherabilityUp to a maximum of 12 weeks without top-coating
Heat ResistanceUp to 70C. Higher temperature will cause film to soften
Water ResistanceNot suitable where water "ponds"
Abrasion ResistanceFair
Solvent ResistanceFair
Acid ResistanceFair
Alkali ResistanceFair
Salt ResistanceGood


Brush, Applicator or Spray

Surface Preparation

New Bare Timber: Allow timber to weather for approximately 4-6 weeks until leaching of the tannins and oils has ceased. After this time, clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Previously Painted, Stained or Oiled Timber: All paints and coatings that seal the surface must be thoroughly removed back to bare timber. For previously oiled or stained coatings that do not seal the surface, clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Weathered, Grey or Mould Affected Timber: For best results, sand timber back to a fresh surface. Remove sanding dust, and clean timber with Intergrain Reviva, closely following label instructions. Clean all timber with Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner, closely following label instructions. Ensure surface is rinsed clean and allowed to thoroughly dry. Test if the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water on the timber. If the water beads on the surface, repeat the application of Reviva. If the water is absorbed into the timber, it is ready for coating. In humid, tropical or mould susceptible areas, new and cleaned timber should be treated with Intergrain TSS Timber Sterilising Solution before coating. TSS should be left for 24 hours before overcoated. Nail holes and surface defects should be filled with Intergrain Woodblend Wood Filler after applying Dimension 4. APPLICATION Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer. Do not thin. Apply either ONE saturating or TWO wet on wet flood coats by brush, applicator, spray (H.V.L.P or airless), roller or 10 minute dip. If applying by roller or spray, backbrush the product into the timber. Several applications may be necessary to ensure full saturation on absorbent end grains or joinery. Where timber such as CCA Treated Pine is to be left unstained, apply TWO wet on wet flood coats initially, with one full maintenance coat at 4-6 monthly intervals or as necessary. Important : In order to provide a foundation for long term timber protection Dimension 4 must be overcoated with either DWD or other compatible finishes within three months of application.

Clean Up



Use on all exterior timber including bare, clean, new or old, sawn or dressed timber cladding, weatherboards, window frames, joists, bearers, decking, pergolas, log homes and structural timbers. Also used for back priming timber weatherboards and interior lining for wet areas. Not for use on reeded decking.


10L, 4L, 1L



Use and typical specification

Intergrain Dimension 4 is a timber stabilising pre-treatment which prolongs the life of Intergrain DWD and other compatible finishes. It protects timber from staining, sun, water, fungal and mould damage during the construction period and prior to coating. Dimension 4 stabilises timber by reducing water absorption, cupping, splitting, checking, fading and staining.

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