DULUX Professional Fast Finish Level 5 Prep Coat

Code: 56J-D0064

Dulux Professional Fast Finish Level 5 Prep Coat is a premium high film build prepcoat designed to even out surfaces and help to create a level 5 finish. It has exceptionally high opacity and is very easy to sand. All Dulux Professional products are designed to meet the application needs of painters.


  • Optimised for spray application
  • High opacity
  • Suitable for interior plasterboard and timber
  • Suitable under water and oil based prepcoats


  • Once sanded, helps create a level 5 finish
  • Simple to sand
  • Fast finish


Spray only.

Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry prior to application. Brush down to remove dust. Thoroughly stir all products with a broad flat stirrer prior to application. Previously painted surfaces, except cement sheet, must be sanded to remove loose, peeling, flaking or chalky paint. Sand all gloss and semi gloss surfaces to a dull finish and wipe down with a damp cloth to remove surface dust. Spot prime bare areas.

Clean Up



It is suitable for use on interior plasterboard surfaces. The product may also be used to develop a smooth, consistent surface on interior timber.





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