DULUX Professional Quick Dry Undercoat

Code: 361-84193

Approvals: AS3730, Part 14.

DULUX Professional Quick Dry Undercoat is a general purpose solvent based undercoat for interior applications. It is fast drying to enable same day topcoating. Its sanding and filling properties are excellent, giving a superfine finish for all topcoats.


  • Quick drying - dries in 2 hours.
  • Excellent flow and filling properties.
  • Easy sanding.


  • Saves time, can be topcoated the same day.
  • Fills timber grain to give topcoats a smooth, even finish.
  • Less time and effort to sand off to give a smooth surface.

Performance Guide

VOC Properties< 495g/L untinted


Roller, Brush, Airless spray, Con-Spray

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be thoroughly clean and free of all loose dirt, powder, grease, mould, mildew, and wax. Scrape off any loose or flaking paint. Fill nail holes, imperfections and cracks with a suitable filler, sand and dust off.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with mineral turpentine.


4L, 10L



Use and typical specification

Use DULUX PROFESSIONAL Quick Dry Undercoat as a rapid dry interior undercoat over bare timber, suitably sealed masonry, hardboard, etc. and primed metal.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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